March, 2012


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NAME: Ariel Summers
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde
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Mira a una dama abrir sus piernas todas separadas y que ingrese  bien profundo en las pompas es uno de los deleites en la vida que son difíciles de descubrir, ciertamente tú tienes que tomarte tu tiempo para maravillarte. No sé lo que tú consideres, pero la manera que esta dama es muy excitante y está lista para el sexo anal cuando ella llega al orgasmo me hace querer  ver sus grabaciones una y otra vez. Si a ti te anima el porno erótico de RealityKings, mira esta grabación de ¡sexo anal de alas separadas!

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NAME: Angelina Ash
GAME: Making porn
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde

Angelina Ashe is one of those porn super-stars that you only come across every once in a while. This chick basically has it all, a pretty smile, a cute midwestern accent (she's from Ohio), and a 34D chest that is so hot that it could stun a cow. No wonder she's in such hot demand!

I love this chick so much because she's just so down to earth, she's a fan of Michael Jackson and Fall Out Boy, she loves her home in West Virginia, and she never thinks twice about giving somebody a totally awesome blow job. She sounds like a real keeper! Check out porn star Angelina Ashe today, only at We Live Together!

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Last Fling Before the Ring

Most people definitely think that they are technically single before the wedding ring is placed on their finger. Doesn’t mean a thing to them even if they have been part of a relationship for a long time, if the wedding ring is not on they think they have some type of loop hole. This is how the phrase The Last Fling Before The Ring comes into play right before a marriage happens. There is a big debate on rather this method of mind set is good or bad. Do you think this is right?

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Do you think it is correct for a person to indulge in sexual activities with someone else the day before they make the promise to be faithful? Or do you totally it is disgusting behavior? Once you are in a long term relationship then you are definitely in a faithful companionship and there should be no reason to have The Last Fling Before The Ring type of mindset. For people that do have this way of thinking it would be wise to let your partner know this about you, so there is no doubts right before the wedding. Best of luck to each and every one of you for the decisions you make in regards to this topic.

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