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Dakota James Lesbian porn with Bree Daniels

Ah, man, do we have a HOT combo for you this week! We were lucky enough to get Dakota James and Bree Daniels to both visit We Live Together for this episode titled, Lick it Up. These two teen dreams were smoking hot and more than hungry for some hot lesbian action. On this particular sunny afternoon, Bree came over to hang out with Dakota by the pool. Looking absolutely delectable in a pair of skimpy bikinis and thongs, these two hotties decided to take it to the next level. Bree was hot for Dakota, but wasn't sure she felt the same way.

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She figured, what the hell, and went for it. Dakota didn't even hesitate because she wanted the same thing too. Together, these hot ladies started making out and feeling up each others big rip tits. In no time, they were rubbing each others pussy and sucking each others tasty nipples. Back inside the house, the girls went absolutely wild on each other, as they licked and sucked each others juicy holes non-stop. And they didn't stop until both had orgasmed several times. It was a lesbian sex romp like no other, and you won't want to miss it!


Zoey Monroe and Dakota James lesbian porn

This week on We Live Together, we had a gem for you. It featured two of the hottest blonde teens in porn today: Zoey Monroe and Dakota James. These ladies were as sexy as they come. They both had big juicy tits, slim waists, pretty faces, and asses you wanted to bury your face in. Zoey was just hanging out in the house playing the piano when Dakota went looking for her. She found her spread out at the keys and got really turned on. The two girls started to make out and feel each others hot bodies up. Titties were out and getting felt up and sucked on.

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Not long after, they started to rub each others pussies until they were dripping. Then Zoey and Dakota took turns going down on each other and sucking up each others pussies. It was an all-out, lesbian tongue fest on the sofa. The girls licked each others pussies and assholes until they had orgasmed several times. Then they laid back in each others arms fully satisfied. It was another awesome day of living together!


Lola Foxx Latina ass

This week on We Live Together, we had an amazing combo of teen lesbians for you in Keisha Grey and Lola Foxx. To put it simply, Kiesha had the most ripe tits you've ever seen in your life. And Lola had most lush ass you'll ever see. They had been friends for a long time and always had a thing for each other. They had even experimented once before. But after college, they moved to separate cities and had boyfriends.

Lola Foxx teen lesbian

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It wasn't until they got in contact again that the romance was rekindled. They met up at Lola's place, and it was on. There the girls stripped down and felt each other up, as they made out. This one was an all out pussy munching, titty sucking, asshole licking lesbian sex romp. And as fine as these two were, there was just nothing else to compare it to. You just have to see this perfection for yourself to believe it.


Aaliyah Love lesbian porn

As usual, we only bring you the hottest teen lesbians in the biz. And this week was no different with Aaliyah Love and Annika Albrite. These two hot blondes were as tasty as they come. The curves were like figure eights and had us feigning for more. The episode started out with the super sexy Aaliyah soaking totally naked in the tub. She was enjoying herself so much, she had totally forgotten about her lunch date with Annika, or that was at least until the phone rang and reminded her. Aaliyah was already naked and horny and would've rather eaten Annika's sweet pussy, so she invited her over for a wild sex romp.

Aaliyah Love teen lesbain pornstar

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Annika arrived and jumped right into the tub. The two started rubbing each others sexy firm and plump bodies and started to make out. The girls went back and forth, as they rubbed each others pussies and sucked each other big titties. They were crazy heated up and went wild on each other, as they took turns tonging down those pussies and assholes. Aaliyah and Annika had multiple orgasms then laid back in each others arms. It was another great day living together that you won't want to miss!


Shae Summers teen lesbian porn

This week on We Live Together, we had two of the most gorgeous teens you'll ever see. Shae Summers joined Shlya Jennings, and it was enough to drive any man bonkers. These two were not only gorgeous, but had some bodies that were just perfect. Shae with her big natural DD's was a vision of beauty. Shlya had a supple curvy body with big tits and round luscious ass. The girls hadn't seen each other in a really long time and couldn't wait to unite again. They knew they were interested in each other, but hadn't had the time to hookup.

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Lucky for us, we caught up to them when they did. The ladies started making out and undressing each other. It was crazy HOT. Once the nice big tits came out, the ladies started sucking on them and giving them a good licking. From there, they pulled each others panties down and started to rub on each others clits. After they got all wet, Shae and Shyla took turn going down on each other. They sucked those pussies and licked those assholes until they had both orgasmed several times. It was another great day living together that you won't want to miss!


Vivie Delmonico and Eva Lovia lesbian porn

This week on We Live Together, we had a combo for the ages in Vivie Delmonico and Eva Lovia. These two sexy ladies had been friends since they met in college. But it had been years since they'd seen each other. On graduation night, there was some experimenting that had gone down, but they never spoke about. Now, as two grown women, they ready to open that chapter again. Right when they got home from hanging out, the girls pounced on each other and started making out. Nothing was stopping them this time around.

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Vivie and Eva got totally naked and exposed those incredible tits and perfect asses. The girls wasted no time feeling each other up and sucking each others titties. From there, they worked their way down south to each others pussies and asses. Eva and Vivie made sure to give every hole equal attention, as they licked those pussies and asshole just the same. The ladies had multiple orgasms then laid back in each others arms. It was a good week to live together!


Carter Cruise lesbian porn

Carter Cruise and Natalia Starr were recent friends with a strong natural attraction. They'd scoped each other out and had been feeling it, but never really had a chance to connect. The girls finally set up a nice lunch and went out. They satisfied one kind of hunger, but another was full to the brim. These two sexy ladies were HOT for each other. Carter confessed it finally to Natalia, but she already knew it. Carter was also shy about acting on it, so Natalia broke the ice by dropping the first kiss. Once that took place, Pandora's box had been opened. Carter Cruise and Natalia Starr went at it full force.

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First the stripped each other down to reveal their incredible naked bodies. These girls had beautiful tits and thick round asses that were ripe for the taking. After making out, they moved down and started to rub and lick each others perfect tits. From there, they rubbed each others pussies as they made out. But that was just the warm up. The girls dived face first into each others pussies and licked and sucked them until they were orgasming wildly. They also licked those booties which only made them that much hotter in the end. Don't miss this sexy We Live Together video!


Abigail Mac lesbian porn with Natalia Starr

This week on We Live Together, we got lucky and had a couple of incredible ladies on by the names of Abigail Mac and Natalia Starr. It was another wonderful day living together. When Abigail and Natalia met up this afternoon, the plan was just to hang out and go shopping. Little did they know, they'd be in each others pants soon enough. After some flirting, Abigail showed Natalia her telescope. While she peeped out the scenery, Abigail got inspired, went for it, and started to rub on Natalia's hot pussy.

The girls got aggressive on each other, and in no time, tits were out and getting sucked on. This led to an all-out, lesbian, sex romp. The girls stripped butt-naked, threw each other down on the bed, and took turns licking each others pussies and assholes until they were 100% satisfied. There really is nothing like watching two incredibly hot chicks with perfect asses, tits and pussies go at each other no-holds-bar. After several intense orgasms each, Abigail and Natalia laid back in each others arms and enjoyed the moment. Be sure and catch this one right now!


Eva Loria and Shae Summers lesbian porn

What's better than two hot teen babes going at each other? If it happens to be Eva Loria and Shae Summers, then the answer is absolutely nothing. The ladies had spent the weekend together, as they were close friends, and Shae was getting ready to head out. They'd been flirting the whole time, but now that it was crunch time, things really heated up. Eva stripped off Shae's shirt and revealed those huge natural tits. She gave them and squeezing and a sucking and got on top, as they started to make out. The foreplay got Shae really wet, and Eva went ahead and started lick and suck her pussy.

She rubbed Shae in all the right ways and had her orgasming like crazy. Shae wasted no time returning the favor and went right down on Eva. She licked that pussy good, but Eva was feeling extra kinky and asked her to eat her ass. Shae dug in and tongued that sweet asshole while Eva fingered herself to an orgasm. Then the girls got in the shower where it only got hotter and wilder. This was a non-stop, lesbian, teen sex party that didn't stop until both these girls were exhausted from orgasming so many times. You won't want to miss Eva and Shae together!


Riley Reid and Aubrey Star lesbian teen porn

This week on We Live Together, we had an awesome video for you that featured the two smoking hot lesbian teens, Riley Reid and Aubrey Star. Riley had asked her longtime friend (and secret crush), Aubrey, over to the house for a fun-filled weekend. As the ladies hung out in the living room, they started giving each other looks. They'd both wanted this for a long time, but the right moment never presented itself. Finally, as Riley led Aubrey into the next room by the hand, they would have their chance. The girls wasted no time jumping on each other and immediately started making out.

Riley pushed Aubrey down, yanked up her top, and started sucking on those sweet pink nipples. She also began to rub Aubrey's hot teen pussy to get it wet and ready. Then both girls moved over to the bedroom and stripped down butt-naked. They gave each other spankings before they unleashed their tongues on one another. The girls left no hole unexplored and licked each others pussies and assholes until they were orgasming. Afterwards, they laid back in bed and held each other. It was another wonderful weekend together on WLT.

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