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Jillian Janson and Karla Kush on We Live Together

When it comes to sexy ladies having lesbian sex, Jillian Janson and Karla Kush are where it's at. These sexy ladies came together this week on We Live Together to deliver one of the greatest performances of ALL time. Karla and Jillian had the hots for each other for some time, but hadn't had the chance to hang out. But the day had come, and they set up a lunch date. Karla headed over to Jillian's to pick her up. But when she got there, Jillian wasn't picking up, so she just came in the house. There she found her half-naked, laid out on the bed, sleeping. Karla was mad because she'd gotten all made up for their lunch.

Jillian Janson lesbian porn on We Live Together

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But Jillian calmed her down and ensured her that she would get her back for the inconvenience. Karla pestered Jillian to get up, and as they went upstairs for her to get ready, Karla was checking out her big beautiful ass. That was when she told Jillian how she could make it up to her. The ladies started making out and feeling each others hot tits and asses. They soon stripped each other naked as they sucked each others nipples and fingered each other. From there, it was non-stop pussy sucking, scissoring and orgasming until they were both completely satisfied.


Sara Luvv lesbian porn on Reality Kings

Sara Luvv and Daisy Summers were old friends that always had a thing for each other but never quite hooked up. When we first saw them in this We Live Together video, they were looking sexy as hell in some really tight miniskirt dresses. Daisy was thanking Sara for listening to her boyfriend problems. Sara just told her it was no big thing and that her boyfriend sucked. Once inside Sara started feeling up Daisy's leg and told her that her BF wasn't giving her the attention she needed. Then the girls began to make out.

Daisy Summers lesbian porn on Reality Kings

In no time, succulent teen tits were out and getting felt up. It was long before those titties were getting sucked on, and the girls were rubbing on each others pussies. Sara and Daisy were just getting warmed up though. They sucked those pussies, licked those assholes and scissored each other until they were both orgasming like crazy. When the ladies couldn't take anymore because they were so exhausted from cumming, they laid back in each others arms and cuddled.


Dani Daniels big booty on Reality Kings

This week on We Live Together, we had a special combination of sexy ladies that blew this one of the hinges. Kenna James and Dani Daniels had been friends a long time and were wanting to hook up. They'd had a crush on each other for a long time. Right from the moment they got together, the sparks started flying. The girls got all dolled up and came out strutting their amazing bodies in lingerie. They teased each other stripping off item by item, as they made out.

Kenna James lesbian porn on Reality Kings

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By then the girls were fully excited and couldn't wait to get into each others pussies. After sucking each others hot nipples, they began rubbing each others pussies to get their juices flowing. Dani was all revved and laid Kenna down on the bed. They sucked each others pussies proper and scissored each other until they their wet and wild time together of multiple orgasms wore them out completely. You won't want to miss a single moment of these two.


Keisha Grey lesbian porn on Reality Kings

When it came to sexy teen lesbians, Keisha Grey and Daisy Summers were a couple that was right up there with the best of them. These old friends hadn't seen each other in a while and Kiesha was about to get married, so she had called over Daisy to hang out at the pool. Back before Kiesha had met her husband, her and daisy were hot lovers that enjoyed each others pussies regularly. So when Kiesha started to feel up Daisy in the pool and kiss her, Diasy reacted by asking her: what about her man?

Daisy Summers lesbian porn on Reality Kings

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Turned out that Kiesha and her husband had an agreement that any sex with girls was not considered cheating. Now with the green light, Daisy let loose back on Kiesha. The two made out, sucked each others hot tits and played with each others pussies before things got so heated up, they decided to go indoors. There they took turns eating each others pussies and asses, as the girls went down on each other and sat on one another's faces. This was non-stop lesbian action at its best!


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