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We're all God-forsaken, so we might as well just relax and enjoy some girl on girl porn action that takes place poolside. What is it with porn movies always taking place near a pool? Maybe just the way the water clings to a chick's body is really hot or something, I don't know. Or maybe it gives us an excuse to see babes in bikinis before they get completely naked. Whatever the reason, it looks really hot to watch...so check it out today!

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Meet the very beautiful, exotic, mesmerizing and desirable Andy San Dimas, Elle Alexandra and Sammie Rhodes. These three hot lesbians are about to make your day, your week, perhaps even your entire month so much better because you're going to be coming back for more of these three exotic beauties. In ways they're much like regular girls that like to dress up sexy for each other and have ice coffee with whip cream. But hidden desires hide with in and once they com-busts, there's no turning back.

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Elle just had to show off her new pantyhose and Andy and Sam were already getting so wet... I mean Elle is fucking fine. They complimented her on her awesome, sexy pantyhose and quickly moved on to better things than pantyhose and ice coffee and whip cream. What started off as some light kissing, quickly exploded into full blown, hardcore lesbian sex. These babes can make a grown man cry. They look so fucking good. If you enjoy lesbian porn, you're in for quite the treat!

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