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Wait, what's this? Lesbians in porn? No, this is crazy. An idea like that will never get past the planning stages at We Live Together. Just kidding, We Live Together is all about the lesbians in porn! This week, we caught up with a trio of hot lesbians who began to fool around with each other after a tough workout at the gym. Apparently for these girls, just one work out a day is not enough, they need to work on the whole body! Well, as long as they don't pull a hamstring and keep making teen porn that is as awesome as this one, then we don't mind! Keep it up girls!


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When you download porn, what do you look for? Personally, we here at We Live Together are always on the lookout for some wet lesbian porn. Luckily, we managed to find this really awesome video that features three beach babes who decide that maybe it's time to switch to women for the night. These girls started off with just a day of fun in the sun, but after seeing each other in their biknis they realized that all of them were way to hot to NOT fuck each other. Eventually they ended up renting a cheap hotel together and found themselves shoving their tongue's into each other's pussies. This wet lesbian porn is one of the hottest things we have ever seen at We Live Together, and we are glad to share it for you!


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It's not everyday that you get to see some extremely hot lesbian sex pics taken at the club. But here at We Live Together, you will find pics you won't find anywhere else. The three hotties featured in this update were top notch babes. After you take a look at the pictures, you'll see exactly what we mean. And to be more specific, the ass on the blond is about as good as it gets. Anyway, these ladies got drunk, started making out, and decided to have lesbian sex in the club, so we just filmed away. The result was some of the best lesbian porn you'll ever see on the net. Enjoy.


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OMG - who could ever get tires of starring at these big tits by the pool? These girls will make you want to jump in it head first, and I aint talking about the shallow end of the pool either. Nah, we only want to go deep. Just look at the way these two smoking babes suck each others big boobs and pussy in this We Live Together update. You'd be hard pressed to find hotter big tits pool pics on the net.


When it comes to get up-close and intimate and snapping amazing lesbian girlfriend sex pictures, no one does it quite like We Live together. Once again, we had two call up two fine ass lesbian babes that we knew to hook them up. Of course they invited us along to see how it all went down. This particular couple featured an amazing blond with nice big tits and a gorgeous petite Latina with a great ass. These girls didn't take long after a short introduction to get straight to the lesbian girlfriend sex. They were making out, playing with each others tits, and eating the cooch. This is one hot update from We Live Together that you can't miss.


Nicole, Monica and Mary are having some fun with each other in this We Live Together mature lesbian video. The blond trio kiss, caress, and lick each other while experimenting with their different toys. As you can tell from the mature lesbian pictures, these girls prefer glass dildos. That is one hot group sex session that you'd beg to be a part of. The girls are very agile, and you'll see some amazing moves in this triple play. Be sure to check out more smoking lesbians in the We Live Together blog archives.


Special thanks to our friend Joey for sending the We Live Together her special collection of wet lesbian pussy pictures. Joey confesses to us that she never thought that she was a lesbian, that is until she began living with the luscious Lucy! From that point on, she couldn't help to think of licking delicious pussy all day long and filming free porn.

Joey loves the women because she knows that some times it takes a feminine touch to really get a girl's motor going...if you know what I mean! As you can see from these pictures, Joey has no trouble getting turned on... and if any of you want to see other hot carpet-munchers' special collection of wet lesbian pussy pictures, be sure to check us here at We Live Together!


Lesbian strap-on porn? On We Live Together? It doesn't get any better than this! While casting for her new play, The Broken Cherry Orchid, Tiffany thought that maybe she should break-in her brand new casting couch on these two nubile young actresses. Of course these girls are willing to do ANYTHING to break into the biz and so faster than you can say "Stanislavski" the casting session becomes a full-blown lesbian three-way!

We know those girls are actors, but no amount of training can make them fake orgasmic screams like that! Thank God Tiffany left the audition cameras running, because she now has enough free porn to last her a long, long while! Of course, if Tiffany or yourself wanted any more lesbian strap on porn, than just keep checking We Live Together for the newest, hottest porn updates on the internet!


I never get tired of hot lesbian licking. If you're a fan of it too then you've got to see this We Live Together update now. It has everything you could possibly want. There are three smoking blondes all butt naked having fun with each other. There is tons of dildo play and even orgasms caught in these hot lesbian licking pics. You may like your lesbians blonde, redhead, brunette, Latina, or ebony; but regardless of what kind of lesbian pussy you like, we got them all. Be sure to go through the archives for a ton more pics now.


The lesbian sex threesome you will witness in this We Live Together episode is some of the hottest we've ever had the pleasure of presenting. All three of these girls are perfect 10s. They show their incredible bodies and play with each others tits. Later, they all take turns eating each others pussies till they cum in this hot lesbian sex threesome. You may have seen We Live Together episode before, but this one takes it to another level.

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